Community Workshops

We have been lucky enough to work with students at Nyack Center for the past two years to learn about organic gardening, composting and healthy cooking. This year, we have partnered with SOAR to offer a deeper science-based curriculum at our free community workshops. Check out this year's selection of Spring and Fall classes at Nyack Center.

I) Spring Awakening and Pea Sowing.

Students will join us in performing essential Spring chores in the garden, including clean-up, compost amendments, and establishing a planting and harvest schedule. Since peas can be sown as soon as the ground is thawed enough to work the soil, we’ll plant pea seeds together, and we’ll learn about how peas act as nitrogen fixers in the soil. 

II) Succession Planting and Early Planting

Sow early seeds for succession crops (such as beets or radishes, that can be harvested within 30 days and repeatedly resown for more quick harvests throughout the growing season) and early crops, such as broccoli, carrots, kale and lettuce. This ensures that students will be able to reap some of what they sow before the school year ends.

III) Summer Planting Day

Annual seedlings provided by Rockland Farm Alliance and Upper Nyack Elementary School will be planted in the prepared garden spaces. Hopefully, we’ll have garlic scapes, pea leaves, wild edibles, and some returning kale to snack on as we work. This workshop will end with students understanding that they can visit these gardens and harvest the bounty any time during their summer vacation. 

IV) Fall Harvest & Berry Bush Planting

A fun day to work in the garden, harvest some treats and plan for a future crop of berries.  This is a great time to do a bug and worm search in the soil to see how healthy it is and to talk about adding compost and planning crop rotation for the next year.


V) Potato Harvest & Garlic Planting

Pull in the crop of sweet potatoes and plant next year’s garlic. Put the beds to sleep with straw over the garlic, mulched leaves and organic matter.